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New monsters and objects. An additional player. And a collaborative game mode exploring castle rooms like the throne room, library or dark dungeons. The Castle of Terror 2 is an expansion, and you need the basic game...

Go on the funniest roller coaster and be the first to finish the ride!

Daedalus was the architect responsible for building the Cretan labyrinth to hold the Minotaur. Now you are the tributes thrown into the labyrinth and you must try to get out before being caught by the terrible...

“Today is the day! The babies and their vehicles are ready to compete in this amazing race in the neighbourhood park! However, it is a dangerous racetrack and tyres could not withstand collisions, stones, potholes…...

A new mission leads our friends to a haunted graveyard. They will only have one night to put an end to its curse, but they have to watch out because the monsters from the graveyard might turn them into...Zombies!...
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