Who we are

“An atom is the smallest unit of ordinary matter”

That is how all started, from a “small” idea in 2015 to the creation of a board game publishing company in 2017. This small idea was the nucleus of this “Átomo”, just like a game is the nucleus of the amusement at home.

And about who we are, maybe, the best answer is: three family men whose main passion are their children and who started this publishing new adventure because we are board game enthusiasts and we know the virtues they have. Or maybe, we got carried away by a light Peter Pan syndrome, who knows!

Because we are adults, but we love to play. To play like children.

Which are our principles? 

Átomo Games is mainly a family and children’s publishing company that goes for production of board games that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. That is, we don’t make games exclusively for children, but for all the family.

When developing board games to make parents and children equally happy, we try to help families to enjoy their free time and have fun all together. We work to change the “will you play with me?” for “what do we play today?”

Obviously, we cannot forget the pedagogical qualities of board games and how they contribute to children’s education, improving different aspects depending on their typology. That is why we also look for the highest educational component, and a great number of our games are created by teachers, pedagogues and experts on Game-Based Learning (GBL). Our catalogue currently counts on the presence of several authors nationally recognized.

Last but not least, Átomo Games is a big family where Spanish authors, artists and designers work together to make projects that really meet your expectations. A great number of our board games are even produced in Spain so as to encourage the Spanish board game industry. Átomo Games may be written in English (you know, because of exports), but it is a product “Made in Spain.”

Welcome to Átomo Games! Join us in this amusing journey thanks to our games…

Shall we play?